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Life is not what we plan!

Occasionally I come back to my old LJ because, why not, this was one of my first social media communities and I feel like keeping it active. Kind of like regularly using your oldest credit card to improve your credit report.

I think my last update was in 2012, so let's update on top of that update, shall we? I have another, less personal, more hobby oriented blog out there on the internet and I'm slightly less bad about updating that. Not sure about sharing the link publicly though, I feel like too many layers of social media and I'm going to give my future employers heart attacks and/or nightmares.

Over the past year I've been going through what I will euphemistically call a "family change," and that has changed a lot about what I thought the future would hold for me. Bills, probably. I'm working in a job I really enjoy with a close-knit group of people, mostly women. I love that. I feel that I've had more opportunities working with women than I was ever faced with working with men, although that could also be my age and years of experience. Maybe a little of both. I've also discovered that I'm not terrible at home DIY, this coming from a combination of necessity and utter cheapness.

I've written three novels, and I'm going to edit them for some kind of publication. Traditional, self, whatever. I've been saying this for years, so feel free to roll your eyes at this goal.

I've also decided that sensible shoes are the way to go, and for the first time since childhood my wardrobe features many pairs of every occasion sneaker. Yeah, that's right, I'm sinking into the sexiest part of my mid-thirties.

I hope your plans have gone better than mine - I'm sure I'll be on my way to happy and healthy a year from now, and that I'll gushingly be back to post that I'm like, super totally into skydiving or whatever. I'll never grow out of being a Millennial or using that sort of language. But maybe I'll grow out of living my life in a transitional period.

Best wishes!
Happy toes.

It's been four years!

Apparently I haven't logged on in four years, which makes me feel old. However, the good thing about my 30s is I no longer care! What has happened in four years? Well, I finally met one of my LJ friends IRL. Turns out she's close friends with my brother's girlfriend. The first thing she said was "I thought you'd be tall!" Apparently I give the impression of being tall on the internet. In four years I have joined a polka band, gone back to school, and am about to play with a volleyball team. I know, I am not athletic, and it probably won't end well. Or maybe I'll surprise myself and will have gained depth perception and aim. We shall see.

Hope the last four have been great for you as well!
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Pegasus Friday

My brother Skip works for a fairly large insurance agency. One of his co-workers has made a habit of wearing a hipster band t-shirt to work every Friday. The t-shirt features a tacky looking Pegasus.

Skip decided that the best way to deal with the situation was through some good natured mocking. So he conjured up a graphic:

(I'm not totally sure where he got the source graphics from, but if you recognize these as your original artwork, please email me and I'll take it down or give you a large shiny credit. I'm pretty sure he tossed them together out of several non-copyrighted sources though.)

Pegasus Friday was born.

Skip sent the graphic to me, as well as posting it on an internet message board. I started to send the picture around at work on Fridays.

Skip made another graphic:

The concept of Pegasus Friday spread to Detroit. Skip made a third graphic, and it was forwarded to the Accounts Receivable department of a rather popular international energy company.

See, somewhere amongst all this Friday e-mail forwarding, Skip decided that the best way to mock his friend for his effeminate t-shirt was to spread the mockery to companies all over the country. Beware----Pegasus Friday could be coming to a company near you. Remember: it's not Friday unless you've strapped on your wings and have prepared to take unsettlingly large, equine flight into the upcoming weekend.

The sky's the limit with Pegasus Friday!
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Where's my snowstorm?

Last night we got a message at work saying that in honor of the "snowstorm" be sure to check out the employee emergency hotline in case we might be closed. I laughed out loud when I read it...we had a full out blizzard last year where it took me half an hour to leave my apartment lot and the office still wasn't closed. If I think they're gonna close for three inches of snow I'd be pretty stupid.

The weather reports were bragging about a possible foot of snow and so far we've had nothing. I just checked weather underground and their estimate is "3 to 5 inches." How, exactly, is this a snow storm? I understand the winter weather warning in the counties which are ACTUALLY expected to get the weather, but why put it up for MY county? Cleveland's a pretty big metro region.

I know I'm bitching, partly because it's what I do best and partly because I woke up early to see if I needed to dig myself out and now I'm feeling disappointed in myself for being so gullible. I would like a really bad few days where we have a snow emergency so no one has to drive and we can all sit in our houses and eat everything in our fridges. I miss that part of childhood. Being an "adult" sucks in so many ways, not the least of which is the expectation that you will do the unpleasant things just because they are responsible.

So where's my huge snowstorm already? Bring it on, Lake Erie! I'm two blocks south of you. This is quite pathetic. Let's see what you've got.
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(no subject)

I'm thinking of making this a knitting journal. Why? Because I'm afraid people who read my regular blog will hate me if I fill it up with Browns scarfs and knit dishrags. Why do I knit them? I don't know. They're like cotton heroin or something. Anyway, that may be the plan. I'll probably need a camera that doesn't suck to infinity and beyond before this becomes a reality.
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A bad experience with Spitzer cars.

I'm going to go ahead and make this one of my (few) public posts.
What's the point of putting a deposit down on a car for a dealer to hold if they're going to turn around and sell it anyway? ESPECIALLY when you've already signed paperwork saying you're going to buy the car? Doesn't that defeat the whole "putting down a deposit" thing?

I'm sure it's technically legal (as long as they don't run off with the $100 deposit) but it's not good business. It wastes everybody's time, and it's offensive to the people you're dealing with. Technically, the paperwork we signed said the deal was pending OUR approval...not theirs. Legal fine print aside, it shows a total lack of respect that rather makes me want to spit in the salesjerk's eye.

I've long hated the Spitzer car dealers. They're shady (although I hear the wives are all pretty OK, oddly enough), and I don't hear of too many people having good experiences with them. Unfortunately, they were one of the Kia dealers in our area who had a good selection on used Rios. So we went there anyway out of necessity.

The salespeople were full of bullshit (more so than the other Kia dealers we went to. I understand there's a certain amount of bs, but there's a point where you have to draw the line) and the showroom was pretty filthy. I tried to give up making judgements for Lent, but obviously you see how THAT'S going :)

Anyway, this is all based on my personal experiences and experiences my friends have had with this particular Ohio chain, and you'll notice I've specifically left out the exact name of the dealership so take it in stride.

If anyone related to the Ohio Spitzers has an issue with that, maybe they should look at their business practices. To quote the incredibly annoying salesman we're dealing with "I'm just telling it like it is. I don't sugar coat anything. I'm giving it to you straight up."

Ha ha! Riiiiight.

I went in knowing this would be a horribly disheartening experience, and I can't say I'm being disappointed. I suppose that's all part of being a consumer, though.
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I was tagged by Joe C.

1. Thank the person who tagged you.
2. List five random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag five other people.

1. Ah, Joe. Where would I be without your tagging?
a)I like to dunk pickles in tea
b)I like to write erotica
c)When I get crushes I never lose them
d)When I talk to Joe C, my nipples get hard
e)My favorite pie is raspberry

I tag everyone who was born in October.
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(no subject)

My scar is HUGE.
He stitched it very cosmetically though so it should be very fine in about a year.
It ended up being twice as long and twice as high as we thought. Apparently Skipper has a horse kidney.
I'm home.
I'm on Percoset, but I'm home.
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Tomorrow morning.
Well, check in at 6 am. Then Skip goes in for surgery, while I lay strapped to a table freaking out for an hour, THEN I go in. THAT will be horrible.

I'm not worried about the surgery. It'll be fine and I know that. Also, Skip's surgeon is a personal friend of a close friend of ours, who will just happen to have free access to the OR during the ordeal, so we'll have a friend present, which is extremely comforting.
I'm just nervous because surgery sucks. It does. It doesn't matter if it's routine, or if you'll be knocked out. Surgery and recovery sucks. Also, even though they're not supposed to know how long you'll be in until they see your results, my surgeon accidently said "five days." You know why? Because that's the exact length of time my insurance will let them keep me for this type of surgery. Gotta love capitalism.

In conclusion, don't pray for me. Pray for my nurses. Because I'm going to be one mean bitch for the next five days.
Now, I shall take a Benadryl in the hopes to knock myself the fuck out, so I can get more than two hours of sleep, which is the average per night I've been getting.